Lifetime Golf Bet

In April 2019, James Adducci decided to bet the last of his savings worth $85,000 on Tiger Woods odds of winning the Masters at Augusta Golf Club and won $1.2 million

Beginner’s Luck

This was his first-ever sports bet which his wife had reluctantly agreed to. He had a hunch that Woods would win after closely watching the games before the finals

“I Knew a Month Prior”

He had decided to place the bet a month earlier after watching Tiger’s fantastic performance at the Tour Championship. There were also some other factors that convinced him

Odds Not Based on Stats

He told Golf Digest that the odds were not based on stats but on the fact that Woods’ kids were going to be at the major golf tournament. This was a sure sign for him

Hunt for a Casino to Accept the Bet

He used all he owned and left his hometown in Wisconsin for Las Vegas in search of a casino to place his bet. He even shared a Lyft ride to the sportsbook

Bet Made at 14-1

He placed the wager with the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino at 14-1. After his win, he became the first person in the US to win such a large payout on a future’s gamble

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