Harold McDowell, a lucky old fellow from New Jersey, landed a $1 million win after betting only $5 on a Three Card Poker game at the Borgata Casino in December, 2018

While gambling at a 3 Card Poker table at Borgata Casino, Harold McDowell bet $5 on a 6-Card Bonus, and with a hand of 1 in over 20 million odds, he won $1 million

McDowell said that he was playing next to his wife, and when he won, he turned around and informed her that he had just won a million dollars. She just brushed it off, thinking that he was kidding

He bet the $5 on a 6-Card Bonus after visiting the Borgata Casino one Saturday afternoon. When the dealer laid out the cards, it was a flush of diamonds, and he had just won the $1 million

This was not the only luck McDowell had encountered within the week. His wife, who had undergone multiple surgeries because of liver and colon cancer, had been declared cancer-free the previous day!

The win came when he bet $5 on the 6 Card Bonus, managing to hit a 6-card flush of diamonds. This was a first at Borgata Casino, and experts confirmed that the odds of such a win were 1 in 20,348,320

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