MJ’s Gambling Tales

Jordan has a severe gambling addiction that is so widely known that he even has a documented history of enough crazy gambling stories to put together a whole book

Forced 1993 Retirement

Rumor has it that his retirement back in 1993 was to avoid a scandal that would have ruined his long-standing reputation due to his unhealthy relationship with gambling


At one point in a Portland airport with Bulls teammates, he bet that his luggage would come out first, a move that was a cheat since he had paid airport staff to make it happen

Dare to Tee Off

Jordan also loved the golf course and ostensibly even bet and lost $300,000 betting on golf! This is the highest amount the NBA legend has ever lost on a single bet

Stories Made it to a Book

Richard Esquinas recorded MJ’s $300k betting loss in the book “Michael & Me: Our Gambling Addiction…My Cry for Help”. Fellow NBA gambler Charles Barkley corroborated this

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