Patricia DeMauro tries her luck at craps after getting bored playing slots, breaks two world records in four hours and 18 minutes

In May 2009, Patricia DeMauro, a sweet grandmother from New Jersey, walked to the craps table at Borgata Casino in the City of Atlanta to try out her luck in the game of chance

Patricia set out to play craps, a game that thousands of players had played at the same casino, and ended up surprising many with an impossible series of wins

In 4 hrs, 18 min, she threw the dice 154 times without hitting the 7. The odds of not sevening in that many dice throws are 1.56 trillion, while the probability of hitting a 7 consecutively is 8.5!

She overthrew a record set 20 years prior by a player from Honolulu and even surpassed it by a whole 1 hour 12 minutes.  This would have made it to the Guinness Book if dice games were included

‘Craps Patricia’ also became the first person to throw the highest number of successive dice rolls, beating a previous record of 147 dice rolls set back in 2005

The most surprising part of all this is that this was Patricia’s second attempt at craps in her entire life! She had gone to the table to search for her unlucky friend who kept sevening out

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