Returning to the crime scene to commit the same crime is quite literally gambling with your life.

But this is exactly what happened with the M Resort Hotel Casino and Spa, and for the third time!

The M Resort Casino was robbed in 2017 after a man walked up to the casino cage on three different occasions to demand cash at gunpoint. Guess the third time isn’t a charm after all

Gregory Bolusan, a pastor at Grace Bible Church, Las Vegas, was arrested and charged with burglary and robbery for robbing the M Resort Casino. He would have made off with over $60,000 if not caught

In the first attempt, he pulled up at the casino in a 2010 Toyota Camry with concealed plates. He walked up to the cage and pointed a gun at the employee who ran off, making his attempt unsuccessful

The second time, about a month later, he came back the same way, wearing the same clothes and parking in the exact spot. His efforts were fruitful, and he managed to get away with just over $29,000

He returned the next month for the third time and, at gunpoint, managed to get $33,000. However, before escaping again, he was caught by the casino security and later arrested by Henderson Police

It later turned out that the gun he used was fake! His wife is suspected of having aided and abetted in the repeated robberies since she was a shift worker at the M Resort Casino

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