Poker Tournament Risky Winner

In February 2018, UK-based Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club organized the UK Poker Championship, where top poker players competed for the top prize

Jake Cody beat all other players to emerge at the top. He won $59,992 or £42,670 from the tournament but did something very unexpected

Instead of walking away with his very generous payout from the game of skill, he heads over to the casino roulette table to wager all of it on another game of chance!

To the surprise of all present, he won the roulette game. Dusk Till Dawn casino owner Rob Yong was the one to spin the ball at the casino roulette table that would determine if Cody won or lost

He bet on Black, and the ball fell on Black 22, making him a lucky winner of $119,882 or £85,340, double his stake. How lucky can one person get?

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