Kerry Packer would spend millions in a few weeks, sometimes winning and other times landing some losses. Either way, he made sure he had fun while at it

Australian media tycoon Kerry Packer provides enough interesting gambling anecdotes to write a book about. Being a billionaire allowed him to throw as much money at casinos as he wished

Kerry Packer remains famous in the gambling community for his gigantic losses and wins in almost equal measure on different casino card tables

In 1999 at a London casino, Packer is reported to have lost an extravagant 28 million dollars, going down in British history as the biggest gambling loss ever

He also experienced some great wins in some incidences, even winning 33 million dollars at MGM Grand in Las Vegas at one point

During one of his winning streaks at the Aspinall Casino in London, the casino had to be shut. He was playing and killing it at blackjack on that particular occasion

Being an unpredictable man, casinos would cross their fingers when he gambled at their tables as he had quite a hot temper, albeit bringing in big bucks for the houses

His temper once led him to call the Nine Television Network, where he was a majority shareholder, and demand the removal of a show that had gotten on his nerves

He became a renowned public figure in the gambling world and even had tens of articles written about his bad gambling stories. Poker was one of his most preferred table games

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