Gonzalo Pelayo, a mathematical genius from Madrid, is known for coming up with a legal method to win at roulette and winning millions of dollars from casinos worldwide

Born in Madrid in 1947, Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo is a film producer and a math genius experienced in statistical analysis

His reputation for beating the roulette game is known worldwide, with exciting stories arising from his winning streaks in casinos across different parts of the globe

Using statistical analysis methods to analyze thousands of roulette launches over several years, he devised a legal method to exploit weaknesses in roulette machines

In Pelayo’s theory, some roulette machines, if analyzed thoroughly, will present a pattern in what numbers appear most, and he identified one such roulette at the Madrid Casino

Pelayo put his method to use in late 1991 when he started playing the Gran Madrid Casino roulette, and his strategy worked wonders. He managed to win around $700,000 by mid-1992

Realizing they were going to be driven out of business, the casino forbade Pelayo and his two children from entering the Madrid Casino after winning roughly €500,000 in a single day

Pelayo began a roulette world casino tour with his kids, successfully applying his method to casinos in Las Vegas, Austria, Holland, Australia, and other places

It is estimated that by the end of their world tour, the Pelayo family has amassed approximately 250 million pesetas playing roulette, which is equal to between $1.5 million and $2 million

His success was featured in the documentary movie ‘Breaking Vegas: The Roulette Assault’ produced by The History Channel

Pelayo’s Roulette story also inspired a fiction movie by Eduard Cortes called ‘The Pelayos’

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