Understanding how online slots work is the key to finding out what criteria you will employ to turn your reel spinning endeavors into money-spinning payouts

Slot types

Note that slots come in different themes, but the layout and gaming mechanics are the real deal when determining which slots will pay higher than similar-themed counterparts


The higher the return to player percentage, the more frequent your wins will be, albeit small. Of course, new players should definitely go for higher RTP slots for better winning chances

Analyze the slot paytable to get an insight into the payouts and features that power online slots. Payout sizes surge if features like multipliers are involved


Find out whether the slot uses paylines that pay when symbols land on adjacent reels in any direction or ways-to-win where the position of the symbols differs

Paylines & ways to win

Choose what online slots to play based on how many times the slot pays out. Low variance slots pay more frequent small wins, while high variance slots award bigger wins, but it takes some time


Carefully read any terms and conditions for the site you want to play in. E.g., ensure that bonuses don’t entail jumping through too many hoops before you can cash out

Learn the casino T&C’s

Take note of the maximum bet rule set by the casino in the T&Cs and bet accordingly. High rollers like to stick with the maximum bet to maximize the odds of big wins

Learn the casino max bet rule

Find a strategy and stick to it if it’s working for you and be keen on the bonuses you claim.
E.g., only claim bonuses with no wagering requirements

Choose a betting strategy

No one knows you better than yourself, so set your limits in advance to protect your bankroll. It’s the best way to avoid spending money you can’t afford to lose

Set your own betting limits

Online slots are the most exciting casino games for online gamblers.

As you chase the wins using our tried and tested tips, don’t forget that having fun is a big part of the thrill

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