Thunderbird Hotel Debut

It was opened in 1948 with a show by Nat ‘King’ Cole. Ella Fitzgerald’s debut was here. Business magnates like Howard Hughes and Wilbur Clark regularly bet at the hotel

Wilbur Clark and
The Desert Inn

It was opened by Clark with the help of mob financing.
It was the first Las Vegas hotel to feature Frank Sinatra and was famous for the ‘Painted Desert Showroom’

The Silver Slipper Bar

According to Bill Trujillo, this was a great place to hang out and enjoy some affordable drinks and great jazz. Even Sam Pisciotta liked to get goofy with friends at the bar

El Rancho’s High Profile Guests

Sharing a prime spot on the Strip alongside a couple of other Las Vegas hotels, it was known for hosting famous acts such as Vic Damone, a band led by Bob Ellis

Last Frontier to New Frontier

It was one of the first to be built on the Vegas Strip. Ronald Reagan visited it in 1954 when it was still ‘The Last Frontier’, during his only Las Vegas appearance

The Flamingo

It was opened by Billy Wilkerson with funds from the Cleveland mobsters. It was one of the best Las Vegas Hotels to work at, whether as an employee or a performer

Sahara Skelton Rush

The Sahara came to the Strip in 1952 and was involved in the bidding war to have Red Skelton perform at their hotel. Red Skelton was offered a $25,000 contract in the end

The Sands’ Topless Girls

Because of the high competition to impress customers, Jack Entratter of the Sands Hotel put the first topless girls on stage, setting a new trend in entertainment

The Royal Nevada

It opened in 1955 but later merged with Stardust to become the Stardust Auditorium. Stardust was the world’s largest resort complex at its opening in 1958

High Rise Riviera

The first high-rise property on the Strip opened in 1955 and featured an expensive Liberace for the opening entertainment. There was even a 20-piece orchestra at the hotel

Magic Carpet Revue at The Dunes

The Dunes was one of the first Las Vegas hotels to cleverly stick to the entertainment budget by establishing their own in-house shows with house bands and singers

Dancing at Moulin Rouge

It was established in an era of entertainment and vibrant nightlife. The can-can dance, a popular dance that introduces cabarets across Europe, was born here

Those were the times ...
The golden era of Las Vegas!

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